Rabu, 16 Juli 2008

what about now?

aku gak pernah mimpi buat ninggalin sahabat-sahabatku.. mereka hidupku.. so here's the story.. i got into science program and all my best-bud got into social program (it's TOTALLY diff from my program, it even has it own floor). all my new classmates, they're all total snob. they interact with their own friends. i simply can't deal with that. i miss my dearly friends.. and when i totally in down condition, i picked to speak honest to my fam. i can't stand in science program. i am all alone there. all, yeah ALL, my friends in social program. i felt like i've been left alone. now i know crying won't solve anything. but i don't know what else i should do or say or tell. i'm living my own life. i'm a spoiled girl, but i sacrifice in a way people don't understand. being in hell like this is part of my sacrifice for people like my fam, my bf, and myself. then someday, i realized that i shouldn't give up yet. i'm standing there as a girl who wants to study seriously. i have all my dreams needs to be come true. you, lover, was the one who keep the dreams alive. the dream i found in you. i'm gonna study hard to reach our dreams. dreams that will never be replaced. tho hesitate still came to me, but it's the dreams who keeps me survive. keeps me from falling.

*keep dreaming, cuz God will embrace your dreams

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